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Graco Heavy Equipment Lubrication Systems


Every bearing, regardless of size or location, needs to be lubricated properly. Improper lubrication will result in high, yet unnecessary costs for the operation.

Some of the direct costs resulting from improper lubrication include replacement bearings, labor for replacements and repair, excess lubricant and labor for inefficient manual practice. Some of the indirect, but very real costs are downtime or lost production; product spoilage due to excess lubricant; environmental, safety or housekeeping issues; and excess energy consumption.


Maintaining proper lubrication on production equipment reduces the number of breakdowns due to bearing failure.


Dyna-Star 10:1

High Pressure Grease Output from Low Pressure Hydraulic Pump (Power Source)

Features & Benefits:

  • Uses existing low pressure hydraulic power source on mobile equipment.

  • Eliminates the need to use high-pressure hydraulic power source.

  • Operates quieter than air driven pumps and doesn't require mufflers.

  • Eliminates the need for air compressor.

  • Lubricates itself for long life and reliability.

  • Mechanical hydraulic changeover is faster and more efficient than timer-based changeover, with less pulsation allowing smoother output pressure, even with long plumbing runs.

  • Two pump lengths to accommodate several custom reservoir and refinery drum configurations.

  • Modules, kits, parts and accessories to make ordering and installation efficient.

  • Combination of time tested and field proven hydraulic pump motor (Dyna-Star® 5:1) and pump lower (Fire-Ball®) ensures quality and reliability.

  • Modules and kits designed for both injector and divider valve (DV) based systems

Typical Applications

  • Front end loaders - 12 cubic yards or higher

  • Mining trucks - 100 ton capacity or higher

  • Shovel fronts

  • Drag lines

  • Bucket wheel excavators

Mobile Stationary

  • Cement plant

  • Jaw and gyratory crushers

  • Grinding mill seals

  • Mineral sizers

  • Ship loaders - slew bearings

  • Sludge pumps

Dyna-Star 10:1
How does it work?

Graco Electric Dyna-Star

Electric Dyna-Star New innovations like tube-in-tube vent and fill path, Advantage Drive™, and adjustable motor controls give you mobile lubrication capabilities like never before. Super-efficient design delivers the right amount of lubrication at the right time–all in a neat compact system.

Versatile and Hassle Free

  • 24 VDC electric lubrication pump

  • Supplies grease to injector-based, series progressive and dual line metering systems

  • High pressure (HP) model is capable of 5,000 psi (344 bar) with a maximum output of 18 cubic inches (295 cc) per minute

  • High flow (HF) model is capable of 3,400 psi (241 bar) with a maximum output of 25 cubic inches (410 cc) per minute


New Innovative Design

  • Ability to adjust motor controls to perfectly match the pump to your application and environmental changes

  • Maintains high performance levels even in cold weather to -40º C

  • Easy, efficient seal replacement makes repairs quick to get you back to work fast


Top Quality Lubrication for:

  • Mining Operations

  • Heavy-duty Construction

  • Industrial Applications

  • Milling and Crushing

  • Well Services


Compact design saves deck space, has fewer moving parts for less repair, and no remote mounted components for easier installation. You get reliable service and minimal downtime for best-practice mobile lubrication.

Electric Dyna Star

New Accessories for the Dyna-Star Family

Last October Graco launched the Electric Dyna-Star™ (EDS) HP and HF 24VDC Lubrication Pumps. They now have three new accessories to offer as part of the Dyna-Star product family.

The AC to DC Power Converter Box (77X524) enables the use of 110 to 230 VAC power to run the 24 VDC Dyna-Star (only for EDS) HP and HP pumps. By converting AC to DC power, all of the benefits of the DC motor control are maintained. You will still be able to adjust the speed and govern the amperage draw by simply turning two knobs. The converter box comes with mounting and wiring hardware and wiring harnesses to make installations easy and flexible. Easily mount the GLC 2200 (not included) to the converter box and take 24 VDC power from a separate output on the converter for complete control


The Remote Fill Port Manifold with Vent (77X542) is a mechanical device which provides the following benefits:Conveniently locate the fill port where you want it Visually monitor flow with built in pressure gauge Manual Pull Vent Valve to transfer fill-line pressure to the tank Pressure free decouple fill-line from fill port.


Use the filter replacement kit (77X541) to add the additional benefit of 400 micron filtration.


In Line Filter (77X523): compact unit to mount between fill pump and Dyna-Star for ensuring a contamination free refill.

Dyna-Star Accessories
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