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Fuel, Hydraulic & Lubrication Filtration

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Diesel fuel filtration particulate and water removal solutions for diesel fuel applications


With increasing operating costs including fuel usage costs, the costs of equipment downtime and strict environmental legislation (e.g., GHG emissions), the mining industry faces difficult challenges when running fleets of large diesel powered engines. To ensure optimum engine performance and reliability, particulate and water contamination in diesel fuel must be controlled to acceptable specified limits. Standard on-board fuel filters are not designed to handle high levels of contamination. Therefore, to prevent premature plugging and frequent change-outs of on-board filters, fuel cleanliness should be controlled throughout the entire fuel supply chain.


The Impact of Particulate Contamination on Diesel Powered Engines

There are three types of engine fuel injection system failures that can be attributed to the presence of hard, particulate contamination:

  • Mechanical failures from component wear and blocking component movement

  • Electrical failures (typically as injector solenoid burnout from silting around the poppet valve stem,restricting movement)

  • Performance failures from blocking of injector nozzles and altering injector spray patterns


Supplying equipment with diesel fuel at required cleanliness levels will result in a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Improved diesel engine performance and reliability

  • Improved diesel engine operating costs

  • Reduced diesel engine maintenance costs

  • Reduced vehicle downtime

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Reduced air pollution

Diesel Summary

Diesel Fuel Filtration Products

Fuel Diesel Products

Ultipleat Diesel Fuel Filters

Housing Features

  • Designed to ASME Section VIII Div. 1 requirements, with code stamping as an available option

  • 150 psi pressure rated vessels

  • Carbon Steel and 316 Stainless Steel options

  • Horizontal and vertical configurations


Element Features

  • 6" diameter Ultipleat (wave-shaped pleat) filter medium pack

  • In-to-out filter element flow path

  • Core-less element configuration for environmentally friendly disposal

Ultipleat Diesel Filters
Ultipleat SRT Filters

Ultipleat SRT Filters

Housing Features

  • Auto-pull element removal mechanism for easy and fast element removal

  • Cap or head service configurations Element Features

  • 3" and 6" diameter Ultipleat (wave-shaped pleat) filter medium pack

  • Stress Resistant Technology (SRT) media for enhanced performance under cyclic flow and dirt loading conditions

  • Anti-static filtration medium

  • In-to-out filter element flow path

  • Core-less element configuration for environmentally friendly disposal

PhaseSep Liqud/Liquid Coalescers

PhaseSep Liquid/Liquid Coalescers


  • Unique stacked element design - separator and coalescer in one unit

  • Large diameter flouropolymer media; performance not impaired by the presence of surfactants or fuel additives

  • In-to-out flow direction

  • Wide fluid compatibility


Air Breather Filters


  • Optimum protection against airborne contamination ingression into vented fluid systems

  • Suitable for flow rates up to 1500 L/min

Air Breathers


Mining is a tough, dangerous, and competitive business where profitability depends on maximizing productivity. Cost-effective maintenance of mining systems - especially high-performance hydraulic and lubrication systems - benefits the bottom line while also reducing risk.

Pall has provided hydraulic and lubrication filtration solutions for more than 50 years in all facets of mining, including underground and surface hard rock and coal mines. Today, Pall products are used in mines around the world, and have delivered cost-saving results for many of our clients' mining hydraulics, lubrication and fuel systems. Pall hydraulic filters are standard issue in many OEM mining systems.

Download our Mining Brochures Here

PALL Mining Summary

Hydraulic Oil

Regardless of your specialization -- upstream production or oil services -- Pall has filtration and separation solutions to meet your increasing production and processing needs.  For more than 30 years, we have been a major equipment supplier to both onshore and offshore oil and gas companies.
Our products have been designed to meet your requirements for separation efficiency, reliability, economy, and size.

Hydraulic Oil Filtration

Pall Introduces Coralon(TM) Filter Element Upgrade for Hydraulic and Lube Oil Applications

Pall Corporation announced the launch of the CoralonTM hydraulic and lube oil filter element range, a direct upgrade for Pall’s Ultipor® and Red1000 series filters.

Coralon filter elements incorporate a new medium pack construction that benefits from Stress-Resistant filter medium Technology (SRT) along with other material upgrades to provide improved fluid cleanliness, enhanced fluid cleanliness sustainability, and lower clean pressure drop while providing equivalent service life of its Ultipor predecessor.

Coralon filter elements are the same form, fit, and function, including fluid and temperature compatibility for the current Ultipor medium filter elements, which will be removed from Pall’s production schedules over the coming months.  Coralon also upgrades alternative filter elements retrofitted into original Pall filter housings to return hydraulic and lubrication systems back to a cleaner and more consistent fluid cleanliness.

“Our new Coralon upgrade filter elements represent a significant advancement in equipment protection for our customers,” said Greg Collins, President of Pall Machinery and Equipment.  “This allows existing users of Pall’s extensive oil filter portfolio to benefit from our latest, premium performance filter technology at no additional cost.

“With Coralon performance improvements providing lower energy costs, reduced filter, oil, and system maintenance, and therefore a general reduction in the total cost of filtration, the upgrade to Coralon represents a no-risk benefit to our customers”

Coralon Filters
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