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Flo-Tec Limited Services

Discover Our Expertise

Branding & Positioning

Flo-Tec Limited is proud to be associated with the following quality brands;


  • Graco Lubrication Equipment

  • Pall Filtration Technology

  • J.W. Speaker Lighting Solutions

  • Nezrotek Centrifugal Filtration Technology

  • Dotnetix Nexus FMS & Safeye Collision Detection


With a philosophy to only have industry leading brands & technology available to our customers we strive to ensure a smooth operational & system transition through our Total Fluid Management  (TFM) programs to ensure better Hydro Carbon Management which results in increased equipment up-time, reduced maintenance spend and subsequent increase of their bottom line.


"Strategy that delivers”

Consultation & Expertise

Total Fluid Management and Contamination Control Audits

Flo-Tec offer a range of carefully selected best of brand products and solutions, focused on improving your mobile asset plant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing maintenance costs, reducing equipment breakdowns and improving equipment reliability and availability. 

We Offer:

  • On-Site fluid contamination analysis

  • Comprehensive audit reports

  • Immediate remedial actions

  • Best practice recommendations

  • Fluid contamination control method implementations

  • Total Fluid Management standards implementation programs

  • On-site service contracts

  • Training

Maintenance Contracts

Flo-Tec Limited is able to carry out preventative repair and maintenance contracts on-site to all products and systems that we supply to the market.

System Design

In-house system design is done for plant applications on all our product ranges that we offer i.e. centralized greasing systems, filtration systems, Specialized LED lighting systems as well as lube dispensing & waste oil evacuation systems.


System Installations & Upgrades

Our highly trained technical staff will not only install our products but also conduct technical surveys and complete site and equipment upgrades to the latest industry and OEM required standards.

Specialized Equipment

Flo-Tec Limited can refurbish specialized equipment for the handling of fuels, lubricants, greases and other fluids associated with the servicing and refueling of Plant and Machinery. This includes refurbishing of:

  • Service Trucks

  • Diesel Bowsers

  • Water Bowsers

  • Waste Oil Tankers

  • Specialized Plant, Containers, Skids or Trailers for the handling of diesel, grease, oils and other fluids


Other Products

  • Filter Bag Strainers

  • Diesel Pumps

  • Oil Pumps

  • Flow Meters

  • Safety Valves

  • Isolating Valves

  • Tank Breather Systems


Flo-Tec Limited is proud to have best of brand products, world-leading technology and local expertise to service the following industries:

  • Mining and Construction

  • Iron and Steel

  • Petrochemical

  • Paper Mills

  • Automotive

  • Marine

Equipment Systems & Supply

  • Fast-Fueling systems.

Flo-Tec Limited supplies Fast Fueling Systems onto heavy mining and earth-moving equipment for the safe and efficient filling of diesel tanks, crankcase, transmission, hydraulic and coolant functions, as well as diesel-driven locomotives and container handling equipment.

  • Lubrication

We offer a range of fluid transfer, dispensing and automatic greasing systems, including oil and grease pumps, hose reels and dispense nozzles to transfer most fuels and lubricants.

  • Filtration

Flo-Tec Limited supply filtration, separation and purification solutions. We offer turnkey filtration as well as system design for all applications where fluids need to be filtered to meet customer and OEM specifications.


  • LED Lighting

We offer a range of technically advanced vehicular lighting solutions including heavy-duty lighting, built to deliver excellent visibility for Earth Moving Equipment, Forklift Trucks and Trains. We offer lights to provide superior visibility, extreme durability and the unmatched longevity necessary in tough environments.

  • Pre-Air Filtration

Flo-Tec Limited supply a pre-filter for existing engine air intake filtration systems. These pre-filters extend the life of a vehicle's air filters and thus offer cost savings to the customer as well as less downtime costs.

  • Fluid Management

Flo-Tec supplies products and solutions for moving fuels and lubricants from their large storage tanks, through various pipes, tanks, pumps, and filters to the point of use without the liquid being contaminated.

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