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Graco Electric Grease Jocky Systems

Time-tested lubrication equipment – with you for the long haul.


Automatic Lubrication System Benefits

  • Graco Grease Jockey increases fleet utilization

  • Extends component life up to four times
    Automatic lubrication continuously flushes contaminants and reduces friction.

  • Supports 50,000-mile service intervals
    Optimally lubricates when the vehicle needs it the most.

  • Reduces operating costs
    Service more vehicles in less time.


The road-proven Graco Grease Jockey delivers on expectations for reliable, automatic grease dispensing, even in the tough environments demanded by mobile applications.



  • On/off road mobile lubrication

  • NLGI #2 grease compatible

  • Low-level warning

  • Protects itself against motor burnout

  • Easy to install and maintain


Graco automatic lubrication systems apply the correct amount of lubrication in the right place at the right time.

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