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CFT 4X4 Filter

Our Revolutionary New 4x4 Filter Extends The Life of Your Filter Media By Between 7 to 9 Times



New CUFT 4×4 Filter


The benefits of the 4×4 CFT system include:

  • Extended Filter Life

  • Reduced Silica Levels In Engine Oil

  • Reduce Possible Mistakes During Filter Replacements

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Reduced Maintenance/Operational Costs

  • No Moving Parts


TEST CASE – 4×4 Pre-Filters on a Coal Mine


Coal mining creates an exceptionally dusty environment, because of this, the mine has experienced a number of vehicle breakdowns where standard air filters block up very quickly in the pit. These blockages cause filter media to tear and this allows dust into vehicle engines.


Their forward-thinking Diagnostic Engineering team decided to test the new CFT 4×4 pre-filter. The test was to establish if the pre-filter could extend the life of their existing air filters and eliminate potentially catastrophic failures. The CFT pre-filter was fitted along with a snorkel to one of their Toyota Hilux vehicles.


With the harsh conditions in the pit, dust tends to hover in the air just above ground level. In most standard vehicles, the air intake is just above ground level, this means the air flowing into the vehicle carries large amounts of dust. This means that although vehicle manufacturers say an air filter should be changed every 20,000 km, the filters required replacement at about 7,000 km to cope with the excessively dusty conditions.

The CFT system pre-filter system offers a cost-effective solution to this problem.  The CFT air intake is elevated on a snorkel moving it away from where the majority of the dust is situated, thus reducing the dust load on the filters.  The CFT high-efficiency pre-filter catches most of the dust before it gets to the air filter, thus further extending the life of the air filter.  The CFT system has a dust trap that is easily emptied and cleaned, it does not have any additional filters that requires replaced.


With the CFT test unit installed, the light vehicle has done over 47,000 km on the same filter; thus extending the life of the air filter more than 7 times and still going.

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