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Pre-Filter With Active Scavenge For Blast Hole Drills
CFT-20-series a.png


This pre-filter range is equipped with our CFT 18 mm tube to yield ultra high pre-filter efficiency in extreme dust conditions due to the axial inlet and outlet flow that minimizes pressure gradient. These pre-filters maintain high efficiency even in variable flow conditions, this is due to the exceptional high, turn down ratio of these tubes.

These pre-filters are manufactured from mild steel sheet metal that is powder coated inside and out. This ensures longevity and ability to meet and exceed the demands associated with tough mining conditions.

The interface of these pre-filters is designed to require no fabrication during installation and occupies less space than the OEM fitted pre-filters, which means better access to other serviceable components. Daily maintenance is not required apart from weekly inspections, to ensure scavenge components are still functional.



Active scavenge by means of Venturi or fan. (No serviceable scavenge bowl.)


  • Vastly extends media filter life, which enables extended service intervals.

  • Reduce labour costs.

  • Reduce cost of ownership of equipment.

  • Reduce possible engine failures due to possible incorrect fitment of media filters.

  • Could reduce silica contaminants in oil, if filtration management is kept at a high level.

  • No moving parts in pre-filter unit

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